crochet hearts on a wooden battered porch

What Made Me Become A Hooker?

My Obsession Began With A Needle

I began crochet at the age of 8. So for many years, this craft lay dormant in the back of my mind. I grew older, moved to other interests, and slowly forgot how to. I had my daughter at 17, young I know, but it did nothing for my memory! Worst case of baby brain. My grandma, who had taught me how, sadly died the same year.


It Made Me Turn To Hooking

Fast-forward 5 years, while at my daughter’s paternal great-grandma’s, I noticed ALOT of yarn. We got around to talking about crochet and how I was devestated I couldn’t remember how.

She sat me down and within an hour, I was up and running again. Her hands moved so fast however, I had to remind her to slow down. She laughed and said she had been crocheting for 30+ years! My first creation (I actually completed), was a Cleveland Browns hat for my daughter. Her dad quickly swiped it as his own, being a Browns fan himself.

To Support My Crochet Habit

Sadly, that same great-grandma passed this year. After a horrible, trying year of ups and downs, I graduated drug and alcohol rehab after a 6-week stay. I needed an income (come by legally), so I turned my loves of reading, learning and crochet into Crazy Hooker Crochet. Please visit for customizable, or one-of-a-kind crochet items, handmade with love in every stitch. Because, not only has crochet kept me sober, it’s kept me alive and here for my daughter, and that’s something I can only express gratitude for by crocheting another row or round. Hopefully, you too, learn this craft and discover a wonderful DIY alternative you can monetize! I offer free tutorials for those interested through the Knowledge Base, so don’t forget to check them out. Every skill set and multiple options for learning from text, illustrations and video, so ease of learning should not be an issue. Enjoy!